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Buehler Motor is one of the pioneering manufactures of small brushed DC motors and electronically commutated (EC), brushless motors. Today, Buehler Motor's expertise extends far beyond DC and BLDC motors, gear motors, water pumps and auxilliary water pumps. Products and services range from the development and production of challenging actuators via software and electronic controllers to injection molded plastic parts, allowing Buehler Motor to be a single source for your complete drive system.

 Zenun Industries  

Zenun Industries is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of AC Motors, electric heating elements, controls and systems for domestic and industrial applications. Zenun Industries supports OEMs by providing contract manufacturing, assembly, engineering, prototyping of heating elements, wiring harnesses, and electromechanical assemblies. Zenun Industries’ account managers, inside sales representatives and experienced manufacturing team are trained to be an integral part of your product development process.

 Full Line

AC Motors

Intelliworks HT is backed by several high profile motor manufacturers with whom we work closely, to ensure the right products are offered for the right application. Motors include JM, JM1, JM3, IE1, IE2, IE3 series three-phase asynchronous electric motor, JL, JL1, JL3 series aluminum three-phase electric motor, NEMA EPACT and Premium efficiency motor, JMB, JMB2, JMB3 explosion-proof motor, YZ, YZR, YZR3 metallurgy hoister motor, inverter motor, marine motor, rolled-steel motor, single-phase motor, Y2, Y, YKK, YKS mid-hi volt hi-efficiency motor, and various special and customized motors. 

All AC Motors are chosen on their quality, range and reliablilty.






CHINO is a worldwide supplier of sensors, instruments and systems for the measurement of temperature, moisture and humidity. CHINO has been dedicated for over 70 years in providing the most innovative, versatile, and reliable products for today's environment, and into the future.