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1 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run design for reduced amperage

2 Capacitor Start Induction Run design

3 Split Phase design

4 Sleeve bearing

5 56H, 143T, and 145T Combination Base with 12 mounting holes

6 Bolt-on removable base for footless mounting option

7 Shaft extension 1-1/2” long by 1/2” diameter

8 Shaft extension 1-7/8” long by 1/2” diameter

9 Shaft extension 2-1/4” long by 1/2” diameter

10 Shaft extension 2-1/4” long by 5/8” diameter

11 Shaft extension 2-1/4” long by 7/8” diameter

12 With rigid base

13 F1 Mounting only, cannot reassemble to F2

14 Will accept C-Face kit, see Accessory Section

15 Fixed CW Rotation, viewing opposite shaft (or lead end) of motor

16 Fixed CCW Rotation, viewing opposite shaft (or lead end) of motor

17 1.0 Service Factor

18 1.15 Service Factor

19 1.25 Service Factor

20 1.35 Service Factor

21 Double shaft extension 1-1/2” long by 1/2” diameter with flat each end

22 Double shaft extension 1-7/8” long by 5/8” diameter each end

23 Shaft extension 3/8” diameter

24 Motor will NOT accept a Brake kit

25 Motor will NOT accept C-Face Kits

26 5/8” shaft adapter included

27 Drip Cover included

28 Steel Endshields

29 Weep holes with removable plugs on end brackets. Remove bottom plug after installation

30 Resilient ring mount, base not included

31 5/8” Thru-bolts, shaft end

32 3/4” Thru bolts, shaft end

33 Shaft extension 6” long by 5/8” diameter with full flat and key 90° apart

34 1” Thru-bolts, shaft end

35 1-1/8” Thru-bolts, shaft end

36 1-1/4” Thru-bolts, shaft end

37 1-1/2” Thru-bolts, shaft end

38 2” Thru-bolts, shaft end

39 No Thru-bolts, shaft end

40 Space heaters and 100 ohm platinum stator RTDs included

41 1/2” Thru-bolts, opposite shaft end

42 3/4” Thru-bolts, opposite shaft end

43 2-1/2” Resilient Rings included

44 1” Thru-bolts, opposite shaft end

45 60° C ambient

46 65° C ambient

47 Connected for CCW rotation (U.S. standard) facing opposite shaft end. Reversible by reconnection of leads

48 Connected for CW rotation (Canadian standard) facing opposite shaft end. Reversible by reconnection of leads

49 Shaft extension 1-13/16” long by 1/2” diameter with 6-3/8” mounting flange

50 Designed for 50 Hz operation

51 Does not include resilient rings, see Accessory Section

52 1/2” x 1-7/8” Shaft with 1-5/8” Flat

53 1/2” Shaft with 5/8” adapter and Key

54 30 minute duty cycle, not rated for continuous duty

55 Shaft extension 3-13/16” long by 5/8” diameter with 3.5” keyway

56 1-5/8” Thru-bolts, shaft end

57 Open construction

58 Capacitor supplied with motor

59 TEAO construction

60 Foot locating Set Screws on frame, 90 apart

61 10” Leads

62 43” Leads

63 1-1/2” Thru-bolts, opposite shaft end

65 Mounting accessories and resilient ring for pulley end are not included. Use accessory kit 161L131AB1 for resilient ring mounting

67 Capacitor not included, see Accessory Section

68 Rated 60/50 hertz, 190/380 or 380 volt at next lower horsepower

69 50° C Ambient

70 Not Nameplated 50 hz

71 Includes length adapter bracket

72 Usable on 200 Volts at 1.0 service factor

73 No hubs

74 Split phase/capacitor run electrical design

75 Addition of C-Face Kits may result in non-NEMA “BA”, dimension. For the resulting ”BA” dimension consult chart found in modification section

76 Addition of C-Face Kits in non-NEMA “AH” dimension. “AH” is 2.12, Rework “AH” is 2.38

77 Frame size is drilled with three sets of footholes, 5010, 5011, and 5012 as standard. Foothole drilling for 5009 available upon request, as a build-up

78 Frame size is drilled with two sets of footholes, 5012 and 5013 standard

79 Ball brgs on both ends suitable for direct connection. For belted applications, refer to Customer Service

80 Rolled steel fan guard on 143T-145T

81 24” long #18 SO 2-conductor cord out shell at 11 o’clock position

82 Welded Rigid Base

83 Shaft extension 1-7/8” long by 5/8” diameter with 6-3/8” mounting flange

84 NEMA 145T C-Face mounting with removable 182T rigid base

85 Not tach adaptable

86 2:1 constant torque speed range; RTM for greater torque capability

87 10:1 Constant Torque available as build-up, RTM for price and availability

88 182T base and shaft height, 145TC mounting face and shaft dimensions

89 Threaded NPT opening in conduit box

90 Not UL Recognized

91 Suitable for use on VFD at 208 volt

92 7/8” Thru-bolts, shaft end

93 Permanent split capacitor-switchless

94 1/2” Thru-bolts, shaft end

95 Will not accept drip cover kit

96 3 lead reversible design works with single pole, double throw reversing switch

97 Addition of D-Flange kit will result in non-NEMA “BA” dimension (1/2” longer than NEMA) and non-NEMA shaft extension (1/2” shorter than NEMA).

98 Not UL Listed for Fire Pump applications

99 Suitable for 2:1 CT operation

100 6” shaft extension with 2 flats 90° apart

110 1.20 Service Factor

111 1.30 Service Factor

112 1.40 Service Factor

113 1.50 Service Factor

114 1.60 Service Factor

115 1.75 Service Factor

116 1-3/4” thru-bolt extension on shaft-end 2:1 Suitable for 2:1 CT operation; consult “R164 Rework” table for fan change pricing to upgrade to 10:1 CT

A NEMA Design A

B NEMA Design B

C NEMA Design C

D Will become build-up item when current stock is gone

E Design incorporates electronic switch

F Class F Insulation

H Class H Insulation

I Reduced HP @ 120 HZ

N Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated

P BCP (Bearing Current Protection)

Q Quick Connect” terminal board

S Steel Frame Construction

V Suitable for 10:1 CT 60 minute duty, otherwise 2:1 CT

X XRI, Ultra High Efficiency Design

Z 56HZ with 7/8” shaft dia., 3-1/2” shaft height, and slotted 56 frame base

AH Conforms to GM 7EH and satisfies Ford EM-1 and GM 7EQ

AL Aluminum Frame Construction

AQ Conforms to GM 7EQ and satisfies Daimler Chrysler NPEM-100, and Ford EM-1

BI Class B Insulation

BP Separate power supply required for blower motor

CD Suitable for Group C

CF Consult Factory for Accessory Kit and/or Modification Selection

CT Suitable for 20:1 CT on Vector Drive, continuous duty or 2000:1

ES Energy Saver Design

FN Drive has cooling fan

NE Exempt from NEMA Premium efficiency requirement

NP Does not meet NEMA PremiumR efficiency

NS Single Shielded Ball Bearings

PW Part Winding Start Capability

RB Roller Bearing on shaft end for belted load only

SH Space heaters

SL Sound level exceeds standard

TS Normally Closed Thermostats installed

VB Vibration not met

VC Voltage Change Device feature for quick voltage changes

YD 12 Leads for WYE-DELTA, Part Winding on low voltage, or across-the-line starting